Tree Trimming Grand Junction CO

Are you searching for a Grand Junction tree trimming service? Is an unsightly tree line compromising your curb appeal? 970 Tree Service can whip your trees back into shape with our tree trimming services. At 970 Tree Service, we provide high quality tree trimming in Grand Junction, CO and surrounding communities. Our goal is to deliver the best tree care and landscaping services all at an affordable cost. A trim by a professional tree trimming service is like giving a gift to the trees in your yard! Here at 970 Tree Service, we provide tree trimming and residential tree trimming to keep your trees looking healthy and lush in Grand Junction, CO. Our arborists will come to your home or office as often as needed to help you maintain a beautiful, manicured landscape. Pruning trees, or commonly referred to as trimming, helps retain the health and look of a tree.

Timing of tree trimming is very dependent on the type and condition of the tree. If your tree has not been regularly trimmed, the best time to trim is now. If you have regularly maintained your tree through trimming, the best timing depends on the type of tree. Regular trimming keeps tree growth from getting out of control, while also serving to remove damaged or dead limbs. The result is a stronger tree with sturdy structure and healthy growth. However, if a tree is improperly trimmed, it can create issues as the tree continues to grow. That’s why we encourage our clients to count on our tree trimming specialists for safe, efficient tree trimming services that will leave their tree stronger than it was. After all, thriving trees will add great value to your property, giving you, your family, and your community shade and beauty.

Tree Trimming Grand Junction

Tree trimming is an art, therefore not everyone can do it. It takes a lot of experience, imagination, and skills. You have to be careful when deciding who cares for your trees. However, pruning shears or a saw in the wrong hands can quickly turn into serious and permanent damage to your trees. Each branch that is removed or not removed has the potential to change how a tree grows. With this in mind, a branch should not be removed without a good reason. No one cares for trees like us, that’s why we are the best arborist in the area. Keep your trees fit and healthy with our services. Additionally our arborists can help you decide whether or not a tree should be removed. Our trained work crews have the necessary equipment to safely and efficiently remove your trees.

When we are trimming a tree for you, we always take special care to avoid damages. This means that we avoid removing certain limbs from healthy trees. Instead we focus on trimming dead or dying portions of it as these may fall off and damage your home or cause injuries. We also remove portions of the tree which are infected with insects or a disease as that may spread to the entire tree. We have the appropriate tools and safety equipment to make any job less hazardous. When it comes to lopping off high branches, we know how to reach those more dangerous branches safely. We come equipped with a cherry picker, ropes, and climbing gear to make easy, safe work out of the most difficult to reach branches. We take pride in the work we do, and we are truly dedicated to maintaining and improving on the well-being of our trees.

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